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The new engine gains 0.7cc over the current model through an increased bore and reduced stroke 76.0x55.1mm, against 74.5x57.3mm.

Compression percentage is 13.2:1, up from 12.9:1, and the red line increased by 1000 to 14,500rpm. Suzuki's Dual Throttle Valve SDTV system was replaced with ride by wire electronic throttle bodies, and the can tappets with a finger fan valve train. Most interesting although is the MotoGP derived variable valve timing now installed, built into the intake cam sprocket and actuated by centripetal force. it is claimed to allowed the engineers to increase top end power without sacrificing low to mid range performance. This simple design alleviates the need for more complex hydraulics, so is compact and lightweight, with race proven durability. it is also assisted by servo powered exhaust valves that open at higher revs. The new valve train decreases friction, and a higher redline for an increased top end is made by the valves moving faster, thanks to the finger followers weighing 6g less than the can shims, at 10g. The intake valves are 31.55mm in diameter that is 1.5mm bigger than the current model while the exhaust valves reduced by 1mm to 24mm. they are all now made of titanium, instead of steel. The fuel injectors are mounted at the top of the air box, which is said to give more exact fuelling control also helping the bike to meet Euro four rules. The funnels feeding the throttle bodies have also been changed, with those on cylinders one and four being a stacked design that lets more air to flow at higher revs. Unlike Yamaha's crossplane crank, which can give a better feeling of traction at MotoGP levels of power, Suzuki is using an firing order, which the company says makes it easier to produce power during the rev range, and gives smoother running and less vibration without a weightier balance shaft. it is claimed to give an "exciting screamer sound", and helps to keep the price lower. By tilting the new engine back by six degrees, it is also allowed engineers to influence the handling, creating a 40mm longer swingarm, with just a 20mm increase in wheelbase. it is also a 6.6mm narrower engine than earlier, in spite of its 1.45mm bigger diameter pistons. New gear ratios feed the rear wheel through a slip help clutch which gives a lighter pull on the lever, and a lighter 525 chain replaces the 530. more decreasing weight is a new water jacket, which requires 400cc less coolant, although the radiator gained a second fan. The Motion Track traction control has ten selectable levels, with one to four meant for track, and nine and ten for wet roads. Power delivery has three modes, A being for track and twisty roads, B also taking in city streets, and C meant for wet surfaces and city riding. The GSX R1000R has a quick shifter that retards the ignition when changing up, and opens the throttle valve when changing down, while the same model also comes with a launch control system, for more consistent track starts and less chance of wheelieing off the line.

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